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About us


We have been supplying "Powered Two Wheels" to our customers for over 35 years. We have grown into one of the largest independent motorcycle and scooter companies in the UK. During November 2014 we attended the EICMA international motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. At the show were several electric bicycle manufacturers showing their latest designs, mixed in with the motorcycle and scooter exhibitors that we had gone to see. It quickly became clear to us all at the exhibition that ebikes had come of age. the designs, the technology and the capabilities of the bikes had all evolved to a level that couldn't be ignored. Huge motorcycle manufacturers like Benelli and Polaris were taking ebikes seriously, so it was decided over a beer (or two) in Milan that we would take them seriously too!

January 2015 saw us flying in a dozen or so ebikes from different manufacturers around the world to test them in the wind and rain of Lancashire Winter. To cut a long story short, we were impressed. Cold, wet, and muddy, but very impressed. The performance of these latest generation ebikes with their modern designs, latest specification batteries and powerful motors was fantastic. We were sold on them, and set about creating "Go-Ebike" to look after the electric bicycle side of our business.

We launched Go-Ebike in April 2015. In the early days we didn't fully appreciate the wide ranging appeal of ebikes. We saw them as just functional, people who needed the pedal assistance would want an ebike, right? Yes, absolutely, but what we didn't see was the demand for people who didn't need the pedal assistance, but wanted it anyway. Mountain bikers have really taken to ebikes, an electric mountain bike is simply more fun than a standard MTB, and you can never have too much fun. Commuters who want to ride to work and arrive fresh, then turn the power down on the way home to get a work out. People who just simply want to ride for pleasure and relaxation, get some fresh air and exercise without worrying about that next hill. We are also supplying ebikes to customers who just want simple, economical transport. You can park almost anywhere and re-charge the battery for around 6 pence. Transport doesnt get much cheaper than that! We are also happy to supply business users. We have our delivery bikes and fleet bikes in use by many varied customers up and down the country. Whatever your requirements, we will have a suitable ebike for you!

The appeal of ebikes is huge, and will grow more and more as the designs and technology moves forward. If you want to know more about ebikes please visit one of our showrooms for a demonstration. You need to ride one to understand what all the fuss is about!