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  • Benelli

    “Benelli Biciclette” is the latest challenge from the Italian company known throughout the world for its fabulous motorcycles and scooters. In 2011 the company based in Pesaro, Italy decided to invest in the eBike business, proving once again that it was keeping up with the changing times to meet the requirements of its customers.

    The bicycle is the symbol of a society increasingly aware of the environment, giving priority to a “greener” planet. The eBike combines practical, economical and sustainable mobility. Besides being ecological, the bicycle remains one of the favourite ways of moving in the city, skipping traffic with ease. Even out of town, eBikes provide many benefits. Thanks to the power assistance every rider can cover long distances or hilly terrain with ease, leaving the car at home.

  • Etropolis

    Etropolis eBikes are part of the German “SiG Solar” Group. SiG Solar group is one of Germany’s leading specialists in solar and renewable energy. As well as supplying solar panels and all the related services like building power plants, SiG Solar also offer services and products that cover a whole range of efficient energy usage, like electric mobility, LED technology, energy storage, charging stations and the like. We are experts in this industry

  • Polaris

    Polaris electric bikes offer a wide range of battery powered bicycles, built to the highest standards using a selection of proven components from leading manufacturers such as SRAM, Magura, and Rockshox. Our bikes are capable of up to 50 miles on a single charge, so whether it’s the daily commute or a few laps around your local trail centre, our eBikes have got it covered.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items