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Polaris Nordic EV506


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The Polaris Nordic stands out from the crowd with its 4-inch wide Kenda Juggernaut tyres. These provide ultimate stability, enabling the Nordic to be ridden on almost any terrain you can imagine, including sand and even snow. The Nordic features the all new Rock Shox Bluto suspension forks, designed specifically for Fat bikes. Sram drivetrain and hydraulic brakes complete the awesome package.

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The Polaris Nordic benefits from all the features of the Polaris version 2.0 motor drive system. This system is used exclusively on Polaris ebikes. Duo drive motor, BioSync pedal assistance and Perpetual ARC Regeneration, all powered by a compact and rechargeable lithium-ion ProRide battery.

The BioSync pedal assistance uses a smart controller linked to multiple sensors that read the power output of the rider during their natural pedal motion. The system then matches the output from the motor to suit the riding styles, selected gear and riding conditions. This gives a more natural riding experience, enabling you to select lower gears to ride at slower speeds more easily than many other ebikes, but with the same higher speed performance in higher gears.

The perpetual ARC Regeneration allows the rider to pedal to recharge the battery, and ARC Regen braking recovers energy through regenerative braking, maximising the range from a single battery charge. Once pedalling the system is able to quickly power riders up to 25 Km/h, even up-hill.

The Nordic is sure to turn heads wherever you ride it!

All Polaris ebikes are covered by a comprehensive one year warranty from the date of first sale. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects, but does not cover any wear and tear. Please be aware that ebikes can be subject to higher levels of wear and tear than a standard bicycle due to the heavier weight and higher average speed. Full terms and conditions are available by request.

Perpetual Regeneration: Charges bike with up to 100 watts while pedalling

Motor: 250W Evantage DuoDrive

Arc Regen: Activates automatically when braking, or pedalling in excess

Speed: Up to 25 km/h

Battery: 44V Li-ion Pro Ride

Charger: 240v Smart Charger

Range: Up to 35kms

Tyres: Kenda Fat Tyre 26 x 4

Frame: 6061 alloy, low standover, balanced geometry for optimum weight distribution

Forks: Rock Shox, Bluto fat tyre fork

Gears: SRAM X7 Rear Derailleur

Shifter: SRAM X4 Trigger, 8 Speed

Brakes: Magura MTE Hydraulic Disc Brakes